Howto: Setting up Acer 320U scanner in Ubuntu

Posted by : Arun | On : February 26, 2008

I bought Acer 320U scanner long time back. I didn’t use it for sometime. I thought I would start using it since my Dell All-in-one A962 printer/scanner didn’t work with Ubuntu. Ubuntu got XSane image scanner program installed by default under Applications -> Graphics. I thought once I connect my scanner, I should be able to start working with it immediately. I was wrong. XSane did detect my scanner as show below in the picture.

Acer 320U

When I selected Acer from the list and clicked OK, I got the error below.

XSane error

Here are the steps I followed to get it to working. Thanks to Ubuntu forum for the tips.

1. Download the zip file from the following location that contains the firmware for the scanner and the program acerfirm – to upload the firmware. Once it’s downloaded, double click that file and extract u34v101.bin and acerfirm to a local directory.


Update: If the above link doesn’t work, Click here.

2. Open Synaptic Package Manager from System -> Administration menu and search for sane, sane-utils, libsane and libsane-extras. Make sure they are installed. If not, install them.

3. Connect your scanner to the computer and switch it on.

4. Open the terminal from Applications -> Accessories menu.

5. Lets check if your computer detected the scanner. Type sane-find-scanner and press enter in the terminal. It’ll display lots of lines and you should find one similar to one shown below among those lines.
found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a5 [Color], product=0x2022 [ FlatbedScanner 13]) at libusb:003:002

Continue further if your system detects the scanner.

6. Type sudo gedit /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf and press enter. This will open the snapscan.conf file in the text editor.

7. Comment the line that says firmware /usr/share/sane/snapscan/your-firmwarefile.bin.

8. Add /dev/usbscanner bus=001 and firmware /etc/sane.d/u34v101.bin (use u34v110.bin if you used the second link to download the file) to the file. Your file (first paragraph under General heading) should look similar to the lines below:

#—————————— General ———————————–

# Change to the fully qualified filename of your firmware file, if
# firmware upload is needed by the scanner
##firmware /usr/share/sane/snapscan/your-firmwarefile.bin
/dev/usbscanner bus=001
firmware /etc/sane.d/u34v101.bin (u34v110.bin if you used the second link to download)

# If not automatically found you may manually specify a device name.

9. Save and close the editor.

10. Go to the folder where you extracted the zip file by using cd command. eg: cd /home/username/folder1 (You can skip this step if you used the second link to dowload the bin file).

11. Upload the firmware by typing ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin (or ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v110.bin if you used the second link to download) in the terminal.

12. Restart your system and your scanner should work fine now. Open the XSane image scanner program and select Acer if you are provided with an option. Click OK and you should see the screen as shown below.


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Comments (28)

  1. cheap computers said on 18-12-2009

    You can now download it directly from my Windows Live Space public folder. Its quite easy!

  2. used computers said on 09-12-2009

    Ubuntu Hardy recognizes the wi-fi card but it doesn’t get it working, so we need to compile and install a modified madwifi snapshot containing AR5007 models support.

  3. Arun said on 22-06-2009

    Thank you JayCee. I appreciate it.

    • eniali said on 06-01-2011

      Guys, thanks a lot for your how-to and for the files. These have worked perfectly for me until Ubuntu 9.04.
      Now I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and I have a problem. When I run:

      ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin

      I get this message:

      bash: ./acerfirm: Permission denied

      What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks for your help!

      • Arun said on 06-01-2011

        Either you downloaded the file as a different user or you are using a backp and somehow the permission got changed? Anyway, try opening a terminal and type chmod 777 acerfirm. If that gives error, try sudo chmod 777 acerfiem. Enter your login password if prompted. That should change the permission and try the ./acerfirm command again.

        • eniali said on 22-01-2011

          Thanks for the answer Arun!
          I downloaded the file from my user account. No idea about the backp.
          I tried your suggestions. Chmod worked fine – I do not get the same error messag again.
          However I get the following message when I run the ./acerfirm command: “Can’t open scanner device at ./acerfirm line 165″.
          Thanks for your help!

          • Arun said on 24-01-2011

            I’m not sure. Did you try running sane-find-scanner command to see if it shows your scanner?

          • eniali said on 26-01-2011

            I have run sane-find-scanner and it finds the scanner at libusb:001:005
            Any idea?

          • Arun said on 26-01-2011

            If ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin (or u34v110.bin depending on which one you downloaded) doesn’t work, try sudo ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin .

          • Arun said on 26-01-2011

            If that doesn’t work, try typing lsusb in the terminal. Check the Bus and Device number for your terminal. Then try sudo chmod 666 /proc/bus/usb/bus number/device number . Suppose if lsusb shows something like
            Bus 001 Device 005: ID 066f:4200 Acer Scan…
            then try sudo chmod 666 /proc/bus/usb/001/005
            and then try ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin and if that doesn’t work, try sudo ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin (or u34v110.bin depending on which one you downloaded).

          • eniali said on 26-01-2011

            Thanks Arun. I tried:
            sudo ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v110.bin
            which worked fine (no errors), but I still get the same message when I run XSane: “Failed to open device ‘snapscan:libusb:001:005′”.
            I also tried:
            sudo chmod 666 /proc/bus/usb/001/005
            but get the message: “chmod: cannot access `/proc/bus/usb/001/005′: No such file or directory”. I checked, and under ‘/proc/bus/’ I do not have the folder usb. Is this the source of the problems?

          • Arun said on 27-01-2011

            I’m not sure why. My article was 2 years old and a lot changed in Ubuntu after that. I don’t use that scanner anymore, so I don’t have a way to check it. My best bet would be to try Ubuntu forum.

  4. JayCee212 said on 20-06-2009

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve found an old backup copy of everything you need to make this work. You can now download it directly from my Windows Live Space public folder. Follow the instructions in the Readme file and that’s it. No brainer… Really simple. Have a good one!


  5. JayCee212 said on 20-06-2009

    Hey Guys, This is JayCee,

    I have just found the files I mentioned above saved in an old backup and you can download it now from my Live Space public folder. Follow the instruction in the read me file. No brainer at all! Have a good one.

    Information 4 All


  6. JayCee212 said on 03-04-2009

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a back up of that file. The scanner .bin is not difficult to find and I think there’s a link here on this page to it. Anyhow, here’s the tutorial I posted on the Ubuntu forum:


    How to set up scanner Acer 320U on Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

    1- You need to download the AcerScan320U.zip that contains the firmware for the scanner, the acerfirm script to upload the firmware and this tutorial in .doc format. Please note that this firmware is specific for the Acer 320U scanner!

    2- Make sure that sane, sane-utils, libsane and libsane-extras are installed. After that, in order to properly identify where your scanner is plugged into, run in a terminal window: sane-find-scanner The important info will be in the uncommented lines, for example, on my pc the result is:

    found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a5 [Color], product=0x2022 [ FlatbedScanner 13])
    at libusb:001:005

    3- In a console window, login as root and copy u34v101.bin to /etc/sane.d/ by typing: cp u34v101.bin /etc/sane.d/

    4- Edit the snapscan file by entering: kdesu kate /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf

    5- The “firmware” line of snapscan.conf file should be: firmware /etc/sane.d/u34v101.bin

    6- Insert a line above the firmware line saying: /dev/usbscanner bus=001

    7- Upload the firmware by running the acerfirm script: ./acerfirm /dev/usbscanner u34v101.bin

    8- Restart your computer and

    9- Happy scanning using Kooka or XSane! :)

    Jay Cee

  7. Arun said on 03-04-2009

    Do you have a backup of that file?

  8. JayCee212 said on 02-04-2009

    Hi guys,

    Freeweb had blocked free access for a while and I lost all my files in it, including the AcerScan320U.zip containing the scanner bin file and the tutorial on how to install it.

  9. rjp said on 01-03-2009

    I used the u34v110.bin – The 101 may have been superceded. I also found this site http://outlands.ca/linux/snapscan-firmware.html. You don’t have to go through the registration/ad garbage.

  10. Arun said on 28-02-2009

    Thank you very much for the link rjp.

  11. rjp said on 28-02-2009

    Found the driver at this site: http://www.scanner-drivers.com/drivers/131/131970.htm. You will be redirected to Drivers.com. The driver is in mirascan_v403u10b.exe – just use the archive extractor to extract the bin file you need. Arun – thanks much for the help

  12. rylangrayston said on 16-01-2009

    the link to

    was down when I tried it

    would you mind sending me the file as I have that same scanner

    I will host the file if you cant and ill send you a link to put in this blog post


  13. Arun said on 25-03-2008

    I got the info from Ubuntuforums. I’m not sure if it would work from root. I didn’t try it.
    It’s quite painful for normal users to set things up in Linux due to lack of support from hardware vendors.

  14. Bob Clayton said on 24-03-2008

    How did you figure this out? My Epson 2480 stopped working with 8.04.. Followed this using the esfw41.bin file for the epson and it worked.
    I had already got the path to the bin file in snapscan.conf but it still wouldn’t work (it does in 7.10) but adding the /dev/usbscanner bus=001 line gave me life.
    The scanner would work from root prior to this ?
    Thanks (why do things like this change? )


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